Thursday, 10 April 2008

Scottish Strobists?

Chris Frear who's a member of the Flickr UK Strobists group has contacted me regarding organising a get together for a mini strobist event. Don't think it's likely we'll get a Seattle level of people, but it'd be nice to get a good handful. I'm counting myself in if I can possibly make it, and I know from my stats there are a small bunch of you from Scotland, so I'm hoping you'll read this and leave a comment if you're interested in coming, or go to the Flickr UK Strobists group and leave a message if you're a member.

No date as yet, but somewhere down near Chris at Thornhill, near Dumfries seems to be the location as of the moment.

I'll try and keep things updated here for any non-flickr members who're interested.

1 comment:

Pantone Swatches said...

Wasn't aware there was a group of strobists, let alone Scottish... You have a beautiful blog here... and the photographs are stunning.