Monday, 30 May 2011

When does a photographer become a blogger/workshopper?

With the uber-elite of photographic blogging becoming ever more attractive to the legions of fans, it got me thinking, are they in danger of losing what their initial appeal was? Lets face it, would anyone listen to them if they hadn't done their fair share of pounding the beat of commercial/journalistic photography?

I've actually just come back to my feedlist after a few days away, and was just a little dismayed to see a person, who's blog used to really be enjoyable, now filling his blog with a line of endless adverts for his workshops. In other words, he's no longer giving details about his photographic jobs. He's moved fully to the other side and, to be frank, is looking to no longer be a photographer any more. He's a workshopper.

Not that I'm getting at them for doing this - everyone needs to find their niche to earn a crust - but just that I think there's a danger that if you stop being a photographer, your blog and your brand can start to go stale. Then again, it could be worse - you could be too busy being a photographer and your blog be as slow as mine! Anyhow...