Saturday, 30 June 2007

Product Shots: Behind the Scenes

I was asked to photograph this new engine. Unfortunately, it was in a rather dark and damp workshop, on a workbench next to a roller shutter door. The rest of the place was even worse, so I figured I best make a shot out of where the engine was.

I had a main light (into an umbrella) to camera right to light the engine, and also provided a reflection on the roller door behind. I filled in the shadows with a silver reflector at camera left, and then added some red light with a gelled flash pointed at the roller door from behind the engine (you can see the lighting stand underneath the workbench). Simple setup, and took around 10 mins to set up, shoot and dismantle.

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Blaise - Photographe Mariages said...

Excellent. I love your clear explanations. thanks!