Thursday, 24 May 2007

Using a Ringflash in Product Photography

A ringflash can give a nice clean shadowless look for certain products. Here's a shot with just a ringflash.

Not all that inspiring. The light also falls off towards the top, making the Archos logo text pretty much unreadable. To deal with this, I got a honeycomb snooted flash and directed it just at the top half of the player.

The background in both these shots is very dark, so I got a third flash and fired it at the white background.

Switching on the honeycomb snooted flash, we get quite a moody little product shot.

The final touch is to switch on the ringflash again to fill in the buttons on the bottom half. I also increased the output on the snooted flash by one stop because I thought it was too dark in the previous image.

Here are two photos showing the setup overall.

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sarobar said...

great examples. I used to own that device (Archos media player) back in 2002.